Upcoming Conferences

CAAH's 11th Annual National Conference
Wednesday November 2nd, 2005
Location: The Hospital for Sick Children
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

This Conference is Co-sponsored by the Division of Adolescent Medicine, Hospital for Sick Children. There will be 3 main speakers and a choice of workshops.

Keynote address:

 « Transition from Paediatric to adult health care system ».
John G. Reiss, PhD, Associate professor of Paediatrics, Institute for Child Health Policy, University of Florida

Other speakers, including:

Diane Sacks, MD, Past President, Canadian Paediatric Society,
Clive Chamberlain, MD, Adolescent Forensic Psychiatrist

Workshops on:

Adolescent Emergencies including Psychiatric, Substance and Gynecological issues; Contraception; Depression; Dermatology; Eating Disorders; Human Papilloma Virus; Motivational Counseling; Parent Teen Relationships; Peer Counseling Programs; Smoking Cessations; and more!

Poster display On topics relevant to today’s adolescent. You can submit your poster.

For more information, contact
416 813 8122  


Past Symposiums and Conferences

Location Title Participants
Colloques nationaux québécois
2ième congrès national: Montréal, 15,16,17 novembre 1995 Regards sur l'adolescence adolescence: intervenir pour demain 350
4ième congrès national (français):Montréal, 23-24 octobre 1997 Santé mentale et milieu scolaire 330
5ième congrès national: Montréal, 29-30 octobre 1998 Troubles alimentaires à l'adolescence 305
7ième congrès national: Montréal, 4,5 mai 2000 Santé des Adolescents: mise à jour pour le 3ème millénaire 450
8ième congrès national :
Ottawa 30 octobre 2002
Adolescence in the New Millenium:
The Agony and The Ecstacy
Colloques régionaux québécois
1 janvier 1994: Montréal Adolescence : de corps et d'esprit 250
2 Mai 1994: Montréal Violence (anglais) 70
3 juin 1994: Montréal Santé des ado: défi d'équipe 90
4 Mars 1995: Montréal Abus sexuel 330
5 Mai 1995: Montréal Éducation sexuelle 250
6 Mai 1996: Montréal Santé mentale 175
7 Juin 1996: Québec Contraception 100
8 Avril 1997: Montréal Adolescence, drogues, sexe et rock'n roll 275
9 Novembre 1997: Montréal Eating disorders (anglais) 160
10 Mai 1998: Montréal Intervenir au masculin 350
11 Mai 1999: Montréal Adolescence et pouvoir 250
25-26 Avril 2002: Montréal Pour mieux travailler ensemble et avec... l'adolescent, sa famille, l'équipe, l'école, le milieu 300
10th national conference
Montreal November 1-2 2004
Adolescent Health:
Body Mind and Soul

Location Title Participants
Ontario National Conferences
1st National Conference Toronto, 25-26 November 1993 Adolescence : Change…the Challenge 200
National Conference Ottawa, 30.9, 1.10 1994 Adolescence and the Contemporary Family :A Dynamic Process Cancelled
3rd National Conference Toronto, November 7-8th 1996 Toward the year 2000: Working With and For Adolescents 80
4th National Conference (english) Toronto, October 29th 1997 Focus on the Young Adolescent 160
6th National Conference (english) Toronto, November 5th 1999 Adolescent Mental Health: Pratical Strategies 100
Ontario Regional Meetings
February 1st 1998 Toronto Youth Substance Abuse Treatment: Tools of the Trade 120
2 May 14 1999 Ottawa Ottawa Assessment and management of substance use disorders during adolescence 140