Google Chrome Vs. Safari Vs. Firefox: The battle between the ultimate internet browsers

What internet browser are you currently using? If you’re one of the internet-surfing crowd, then it’s good to be aware of the different browsers nowadays to find out which suits you best. Different kinds of people also differ in their internet browser’s demands and like. Google Chrome Vs. Safari, Vs. Firefox: Which is really the best? It’s a big question for most people and it’s good to discuss it.

The best browser for installation and speed

If you’re looking for a fast installation and updates, then it’s a fierce battle between Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Google Chrome has a good and easy installation process and it updates really fast and consistently. Although the Firefox was the first among the three, it has gone into a very good development that can definitely compete with the other two browsers. In terms of speed, an ordinary internet surfer would not notice the difference, but when checked with speed tests online such as a Sunspider benchmark test, Google Chrome is a sure winner for speed, Firefox is the next one, and Safari is the last one among the three in a close battle.

Battle of the best browsers: IE vs. Chrome vs. Firefox vs. Safari

Battle of the best browsers: IE vs. Chrome vs. Firefox vs. Safari

Which one has the best design and pattern?

All three of the browsers are aiming to have a user-friendly approach in designs including the icons used and the address bar which, in fact, is the most important part of the browser’s home page. The Google chrome is the easiest to navigate, as a lot of people say in latest reviews, and you can also customize it in the way that you want it. Safari Browser has the cleanest design but it’s not as user-friendly as the Google Chrome. It doesn’t operate on a one click bookmarking tool unlike the other two browsers. You still have to click on several technical hitches to finally bookmark a webpage and this can be the downside to it. Meanwhile, Firefox is just as similar with the other two browsers with a simplified design to give people a comfortable way to manage and use it.

The best one for Add-ons and Additional Features

Firefox has always been the victor in this area with its countless add-ons and nice features and applications. However, the Google Chrome is also catching up real fast with its updated Web Store confidently packed with a lot of applications to download. The Safari browser unfortunately has limited selections and varieties of add-ons and applications.

6 Reasons Apple's New Safari Browser Crushes Chrome And Firefox

6 Reasons Apple’s New Safari Browser Crushes Chrome And Firefox

The most popular browser today

If you’re asking what the most popular internet browser is today, it’s the Google Chrome. Since the fall of the famous Internet Explorer, Google Chrome has taken the great advantage to showcase its good points to the public, such as the numerous and useful add-ons. Since then, it has taken control of the popularity scene in internet browsers. The next one is the Firefox because of its good reputation and dependability. And the last of the three is the Safari browser which has never gained that much fame as that of the other two browsers.

Each browser has its own good and negative points, but what matters most is how you are compatible with the browser that you are using. Most average people want it simple and easy without a lot of applications, while those technical individuals may prefer the newest and the cutting-edge in internet browsing experience. It will all come down to preference and choice; it means that it’s the users’ decisions to name it the best browser ever.